The first full Ratchet and Clank trailer is not great


Another loss for game adaptations!

The first full trailer for the Ratchet and Clank movie has been released, and it’s ridiculously generic. I get the “In a world…” joke, and I get the overwrought narrator, but this is the most kids movie-ass trailer I’ve seen in years. There’s super broad physical comedy, there’s a short comic relief character yelling the word “awesome,” there’s a villain establishing his dominance, there’s a little pun that allows the trailer to swear without actually swearing, there’s a Hot Pop Song, and zero laughs were had.

This trailer seems almost dangerously bereft of real jokes. The Ratchet and Clankgames are genuinely funny, so this project looked like an easy win for game-to-movie adaptations. Now, I’m less certain. The curse continues!