The first fully-fledged Gungrave game in 15 years is still slated for December


Beyond the Grave

Gungrave VR came out at the tail-end of 2018, and although it was disappointing I’m still very much pulling for this series, and anythingYasuhiro Nightow touches (shoutout to the Destructoid reader who turned me onto Blood Blockade Battlefront!).

That next chapter is actually Gungrave G.O.R.E, a brand new entry in the series that is not a retread or a remaster/remake. It’s the first wholly original mainline game in roughly 15 years, sinceGungrave: Overdose graced the PS2.Developer Iggymob is planning on continuing that loyalty to the PlayStation platform with G.O.R.E, which is due later this year on the PS4.

As proof that development is coming along, the team shared the game’s official logo, designed byZinguji Noriyuki, who has worked on anime such as Trigunand Accel World. Beyond said logo, the only real concrete info we have so far is the cinematic trailer below that was shown off back in December. Hopefully we’ll see more soon!

Project Gungrave [Twitter] Thanks John!