The first major Pokemon Sun and Moon event just started


Catch 100 million pokes

Game Freak is rolling out global events forPokemon Sun and Moon, which involve the entire community. The first one starts this week, and tasks the entire playerbase with collectively capturing 100 million Pokemon in all. If we all meet our goal by December 13, we’ll earn 2,000 Festival Coins just for participating. If we fail, we’ll get 100 coins anyway. So really, you have nothing to lose.

To get started, all you have to do is head into theFestival Plaza from the main menu, then go into your castle. From there, just talk to the attendant directly to your right to queue up the challenge. I’ve contributed around 30 in the last 12 hours or so — here’s hoping my future captures are enough!

Once I’m done with the Alolan Dex I’m definitely going to want to mess around with everything else, and more coins will help facilitate that.