The first paid Skyrim mod has been pulled


Stealing assets went to shit? Whodathunkit

Who’d have ever thought selling mods which include other people’s work would be a bad idea? It turns out the very first paid Skyrim mod on the Steam Workshop has been removed after accusations that it contained work from other people’s free mods. Oh boy I absolutely never ever saw this coming.

The fishing mod was developed by veteran modders Chesko and aqqh, but used assets from Fore’s New Idles in Skyrim without developer Fore’s permission. After that, Chesko and aqqh took the scorched earth approach and took everything off ofthe workshop page, including Fore’s comments. But, as we all know, you can never remove anything from the internet. Screenshots of the whole thing exist.

Gee, this whole charging for mods thing is so well thought out. I can’t possibly imagine anything else going wrong. No ma’am.