The fitness nut in me wishes I had this SNES exercise bike


Workout = Game

The SNES “Extertainment Life Cycle” isn’t exactly a new discovery (RetroCollect has a post from 2013 about it), but this nice video by YouTuber Kelsey Lewin will probably give you some insight into why it was made. A joint venture between Nintendo, Life Fitness, I would absolutely kill to get my hands on this for my workout routine.

As for random ass facts about the bike, did you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger endorsed this thing? How about that it only ever supported two games? Would you believe me if I told you this retailed for $800 in 1994? There are a lot of fun facts in this video as well as some background on how Nintendo and Sega both tried to expand into the exercise market. Definitely worth a watch if you like wacky console peripherals.

The Super Nintendo LifeCycle Exertainment Bike — An Exercise Bike for the SNES! [Kelsey Lewin via YouTube]