The folks behind the SteamWorld games say more are on the way, and I'll just take one more of each


A little strategy, some platforming, and another card game RPG

In case you missed it, a few years ago Image & Form Games merged with Zoink under the banner “Thunderful,” an arrangement that continues to this day. In fact, the new conglomeration actually acquired Headup Games, so they’re continuing to grow! And a Twitter update today is now reminding us of what’s to come.

So the official Image & Form account (which still exists) is teasing out “several new SteamWorldgames.” That’s nice! We knew they were coming, but it’s good to hear that they’re still in the works as of today and moving full (don’t say it) steam…ahead. Images for the entire SteamWorld universe were shared in the tease.

But the account also talks a little shop, explaining that Thunderful is indeed the daddy of the situation, directing folks to that handle, while telling fans that Image & Form is still under their purview. Here’s the rub: “The Image & Form teams are part of Thunderful since a while back. While we’re no longer a separate studio from Thunderful, you can count on quality games from the same people (and new faces) for years to come! Thanks for all these amazing years. We can’t wait to show what’s next!”

That said, the Image & Form account has 22K followers, it wouldn’t make much sense to trash it. According to the tweet this morning, they’re “dedicating this space to SteamWorldgames old and new.” Fine by me! It’s the thing that interests me the most out of all of Thunderful’s offerings by far.

“New SteamWorld games” could include any number of new subfranchises, as well as sequels to Dig 2, Heist, Quest, and even SteamWorld Tower Defense, if they really wanted to get retro.

Image & Form [Twitter]

Howdy! We’re thrilled to share that several new SteamWorld games are in the making!

With this in mind, we’ll dedicate this space to SteamWorld games old and new! Image & Form is @ThunderfulGames nowadays. Same folks, new name! Follow us there for news on The Gunk and more games!

— Image & Form is home Questing! ðŸƒâš”ï¸ðŸ¤– (@ImageForm) May 12, 2021