The Force Awakens co-star was fired from Dante's Inferno


What sin cost him the job?

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens opens in theaters in less than a week, and my favorite thing about the movie so far is that two of its leading men once sang a song with Justin Timberlake about not wanting to go to outer space. At the tender age of 36, Oscar Isaac has already had the kind of career that most actors can only dream of, but it wasn’t always wine and roses for the Guatemalan beefcake.

Long before he starred in critically acclaimed films or blockbuster action movies, Isaac was set to perform in EA’s Dante’s Inferno, though he was later “fired off it” for reasons unknown. What we do know is that Isaac thinks it was a “shitty game”, which puts him in direct opposition to former Dtoid EiC and current Epic Games heartthrob Nick Chester, who once described it as “… a hell of an entertaining package.” As fan of both Isaac’s and Chester’s work, I resent being forced to take sides here.

Isaac isn’t opposed to any and all video game acting though. He performed original lines for hisThe Force Awakenscharacter Poe Dameron forDisney Infinity, where he depicts “…a more childlike version of the character”. Maybe he just doesn’t like giant nipples that give birth to death babies? Either way, I’d love to see him take another crack at a Hell-diving adventure someday, maybe inDrag Me To Hell 2: Drag Harder?

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