The four Avatar sequels to take place on different parts of Pandora, hopefully come out before heat death of universe


It’s a 50/50 chance at this point

James Cameron’s nine-year-old film and franchise-to-beAvatarreceived a nice shot of adrenaline last year when Disney opened a Pandora-themed section to its Animal Kingdom in Orlando. It’s an innovative take on adapting a movie to a theme park, set a good amount of time after the events of the original movie where Na’vi and humans achieved peace and Pandora can be visited by tourists. Banal commercialization of space exploration aside, it’s an ambitious and frankly beautiful area that mirrors the big plans Cameron and his team have forAvatar.

In a recent interview, producer Jon Landau hinted a few details about the sequels, and they sound properly James Cameron big. Instead of all five films focusing on the Na’Vi from the Valley of Mo’ara like the first film, different clans of Na’Vi from all over the planet with different cultures and lifestyles will be examined. They may even look and act different from each other, just like us!

Even more exciting though was Landau promising a wide variety of ecosystems. You want water? Boom! Seafaring Na’vi. Desert?SandNa’vi, here ya go. Wait, no, now I’m mixing up Avatars. Regardless, Landau stressed the detail and care the sequels will place on world-building. The sequels want Pandora to be a fully fledged planet, not just one green screened valley.

I was 14 when the firstAvatarcame out and can’t remember a single character’s name but still vividly recreate the banshee scenes in my mind. It show’s Cameron and compadres do understand that theAvatarfranchise is for the viewers to explore and interact with more than the cookie cutter plot or simple characters. That’s why even the rides have little mention of the conflict from the first film. And there certainly is nothing wrong with going to a movie to look at pretty things.Avatar2-5 will be released in 2020, 2021, 2024 and 2025 respectively(or so they say).

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