The Gentlemen's Club! Bears wearing armor, that's it



You guys may remember a movie called The Golden Compass. While out searching for games to play on a show Spencer and I came across the game based on this movie. This movie had bears wearing armor…BEARS IN ARMOR. So naturally we picked it up and wanted to share it with you guys. That was a year ago, now we are here, preparing to play a game that is presumably about bears in armor. Bears in armor. Bears. In. Armor.

Oh, and later on we may just switch it up an play a fighting game because Spencer and I are both pretty hyped up about the new Killer Instinct game Perhaps the newly released SoulCalibur 2 HD?Actually, yeah, we are probably going to play a lot of that, Golden Compasswas just an excuse to put bears wearing armor in a header image.Think of it as a nontraditional ADD Friday throwback, on a Wednesday.

What animals do you think would benefit from wearing armor? Tell me below, I need ideas for what to wrangle into my massive Armored Animal Army, “The Triple A” as I affectionately like to call it.