The Incredibles seems set to be Pixar's first Lego game


Lego DC Villains too

There have been plenty of Lego video games centered around family-friendly properties, but Warner Bros. and Traveller’s Tales appear ready to tap an entirely new source of material. It seems as a Pixar film is going to get its first Lego adaption.

According to a report from was independently corroborated by Eurogamer), Traveller’s Tales is working on Lego The Incredibles 2. The naming is kind of confusing, as this isn’t a sequel to another Incrediblesgame; instead, it’s meant to be a direct tie-in to the Incredibles 2film that’s releasing this June.

That’s not the only Legoproject that leaked, though. There’s word of a Suicide Squad-like Lego DC Supervillains(although that might not be the actual title). It’s about what you’d expect — a game that prominently features the likes of Joker and Lex Luthor instead of their good guy counterparts Batman and Superman. There’s no word as to when this one might release, but there are usually multiple Legogames in any given calendar year.

They’re two rumors, but they both seem highly likely to pan out. And if Lego The Incredibles 2proves to be a hit, there’s a whole lot of other Pixar stuff that could be similarly adapted. Bet you never thought a Legogame could make you cry until Lego Upcame along.

Rumor: Lego DC Villains and Lego Incredibles Games Coming []