The Inpatient takes us back to Until Dawn's sanatorium this November


This’ll mess me up real good

Supermassive Games announced two more PlayStation VR titles back at E3, and even if you follow the platform, you might’ve missed hearing much about them during the sleepless news cycle.

One is Bravo Team, a cover-based FPS “built for teamwork” that supports online co-op and the good but hard-to-find PS VR Aim controller. It’s confirmed for a December 5, 2017 launch.

The other project, The Inpatient, is much more enticing — especially for Until Dawn fans. Remember that creepy-ass sanatorium with a lot of you-know-whats running around? Welp, we’re going back!

The Inpatient “transports you back to the 1950s when the facility was in its bustling prime,” summarizes executive producer Simon Harris. “You take on the role of a patient with no knowledge of who you are or how you got to be there. Choice and consequence are integral to the gameplay. As you investigate the Blackwood Sanatorium in an effort to recall lost memories and discover who you are, your decisions and actions will determine the fate of people that you meet.”

Along with this trailer, Supermassive also announced the launch date: November 21, 2017. I’m there.

The Inpatient, Bravo Team Release Dates Confirmed for Later This Year [PlayStation Blog]