The Japanese commercial for Magic: Arena mobile is wild


And wacky

Magic: The Gathering Arena just launched wide on mobile, and Wizards of the Coast wants people to know about it: with a Japanese commercial.

Like many commercials in the region, it starts with a bored salaryman at work dreaming of something more. He looks at the clock, and it says “MTG” as he falls asleep standing up. Suddenly his boss turns into a Danny Devito-esque troll and a bunch of big Magic: The Gatheringlore characters start appearing to inspire him to play more video games at work. Classic. Chandra and Jace in the workplace!

Oh, and it has subtitles! And it’s sort of a musical! And has some actual gameplay. It kind of has it all, given that it clocks in at just under 1:49. Love the glowing Jace eyes.

Enjoy the ride and smile on a potentially busy and rote Monday.