The joy of hitting balls: New Harmonix game an Apple TV exclusive


From the developer of Rock Band

Harmonix is busy. There’s Rock Band 4 to finish and a delayed-into-2016 Amplitude. There’s an additional game that needs to be crowdfunded, which I assume is not Beat Sports, which was just announced at Apple’s live streamed birthday party or whatever is going on. Apparently a Korean kid clears $1,500 a night streaming himself eating dinner, so the world’s all topsy turvy.

Beat Sports combines “the joy of hitting balls with the joy of hitting notes.”

It’s Wii Sports. There’s even a remote. You can also drop in and play with an iPhone or iPad Touch, if you own one of them luxury devices. Beat Sports supports up to four players and is exclusive to the Apple TV. It’s also hard to not type as “Beast Ports” or “Beat Sporps.”