The Just Cause 3 box art looks exactly how you'd expect the Just Cause 3 box art to look


Box art posts are the worst

“Playing it safe” is rarely regarded as hang-gliding through explosions while helicopters try to gun you down. But that perfect storm of circumstances aptly describes Just Cause 3‘s box art. How else could you explain Square Enix and Avalanche Studios taking it in the exact direction you’d expect?

To this point, the publisher and developer have been fairly mum on the game’s details. That looks set to change very soon. Just Cause 3will get its first gameplay trailer next Tuesday, and things will presumably escalate from there. After all, when talking Just Cause, escalation’s always a safe bet.

This new focus on Just Cause 3comes in the wake of Square Enix’s E3 press conference announcement, indicating that this will most likely be present at the show. Additionally, the game has been pinned down to the “Holiday 2015” time-frame. Looks like a lot of explosions are in our near future.