The King of Fighters All Star will launch on mobile worldwide this month


Punch-up in your pocket

Mobile game developer Netmarble has announced that The King of Fighters All Star will be getting its worldwide launch this month. The action-RPG, which has been available in Japan since summer last year, will be made available in the west on October 22.

As previously reported, The King of Fighters All Star lets players gather parties of famous KoF characters, past and present, to do battle in simplistic brawler gameplay and one-on-one showdowns. As you progress, your chosen characters – including the likes of Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Mai Shiranui, Ash Crimson and Best Character Leona Heidern – will level up their skills and abilities, readying themselves for a showdown with series antagonist Rugal Bernstein.

In preparation for launch, Netmarble has opened a pre-registration campaign. Interested players can register their email address and platform of choice on the official website, with numerous rewards on offer for the total amount of players signed up in all. As a die-hard KoF devotee, I’ll be checking this out at launch. Though the draw of free-to-play mobile games very rarely holds my attention for long, I’m always intrigued by any alternate use of the KoF franchise.

The King of Fighters All Star launches October 22 for iOS and Android devices.