The King of Fighters: Awaken is a new CG movie based on the Orochi saga


The maddening Goenitz returns

SNK has announced a new CG movie based on its iconic fighting franchise, The King of Fighters. The King of Fighters: Awaken is currently is a full-length feature currently in production at Joy Pictures. It is expected to premiere in China in 2022.

A short trailer, available courtesy of YouTuber Banden, sees hero Kyo Kusanagi facing off against King of Fighters ’96 intolerable boss character Goenitz. The megalomaniacal priest is seen at an isolated temple, awaiting the release of the demon Orochi from its “Yata Mirror” prison. Young Kyo makes a brave effort to stop this cataclysmic event, but is last seen engulfed in flames.

Meanwhile, in some unnamed city, Iori Yagami is feeding a stray cat, (a nice nod to a classic piece of Shinkiro art from yesteryear), when a young boy informs him of Kyo’s fate. With the purple flames of Yasakani burning inside his heart, and Orochi blood pumping through his veins, Iori prepares to face his destiny.

The King of Fighters’ “Orochi Saga” refers to a storyline that runs from KoF ’95 to KoF ’97. It is a tale of a returning ancient evil, fated to face-off against series protagonists Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami – blood rivals brought together under the guidance of the mysterious Chizuru Kagara.

As the Orochi storyline is the backdrop to KoF‘s formative years, it is considered the most notable story arc by many fans of the franchise. This is also thanks in no small part to the series introduction of popular characters such as Iori Yagami, Leona Heidern, Mature, Vice, and Chizuru.

The King of Fighters: Awaken will premiere in 2022.