The Last Guardian director is interested in VR? See you in 20 years



SoThe Last Guardian came out, was definitely a real thing, and seemed to have an overall positive reception among the community. Sure some people got miffed at Trico’s ornery demeanor, but I think a lot of folks recognized it as a beautiful, but flawed adventure.

What’s next then? Well, director Fumito Ueda spoke to Glixel, and he doesn’t seem to really know. He has his doubts about VR for one, but is interested in it, providing a fictional account of a Shadow of the ColossusVR game. Said doubts include potential motion sickness, and the lack of a real market (an interesting point, like he’s confirming that PSVR isn’t selling as well as Sony wants).

Because of these factors he’d only want to make a VR game if it made “business sense,” which, for the virtual reality market, might be a long while. Until they can get the price down on headsets and potential eliminate the wires (they’re working on both), I don’t see the average person dropping hundreds of dollars, before software and hardware, on the privilege.

It is neat though!

‘Last Guardian’ Director Fumito Ueda On Creating Trico, Classic Anime, and His Doubts About VR [Glixel]