The latest game featuring Sony's cat mascot Toro is getting localized this month


Toro and Friends: Onsen Town

Although he isn’t as well known outside of Japan, you’ve probably seen the cat mascot Toro before.

Whether it’s a cameo in LittleBigPlanetorPlayStation All-Stars, the character had a decent push during the previous generations, but has mostly been relegated to Japanese media. Until now, that is. Announced this week bypublisher PiG Corporation, Toro and Friends: Onsen Town will be released in the west on Android and iOS devices later this month on June 23.

As many mobile games that come out of Japan tend to roll, it will be a match-three puzzler, with a story mode and a village to roam around. Toro is the star, but like Garfield, this cat is bringing friends (nailed it), including more cats, a rabbit, a dog and a frog. Oh and a robot, just in case it wasn’t anime enough for you.

You can find the pre-load links for this free game here (iOS/Android).

Toro and Friends [Toro]