The LawBreakers alpha test starts this weekend


June 18-19

Both Brett and I really dug LawBreakers, and I think most of the shooter community is going to dig it as well when it hits. For now you can join in on the closed alpha test, as the first weekend starts tomorrow, June 18 (9AM PT to 9PM PT), and will also run on June 19 (6AM PT to 6PM PT).

You’ll be playing Overcharge on the Grandview map, which is exactly what I did during my hands-on session. Turf War and Promenade will be added to “subsequent tests” down the line.

No doubt this will be a stress test for Boss Key Productions, and I know for fact the team is looking for balance feedback when it comes to the general feel of the game and balancing. You can register here for a chance to get in if you haven’t already.