The Maestro Sigma skin is up for grabs right now in Overwatch


Not quite my tempo

Sigma’s Maestro skin makes him look like Overwatch‘s grumpy, fussy, tenured-as-hell professor, and folks, I’m into it. The outfit was created to drum up interest for the Overwatch: Cities & Countries album.

This is another limited-time challenge – one of the very few in-game happenings that can still draw my eye toward Overwatch in 2020 – and it’s running from July 14 to July 27, 2020. Here’s the rundown.

If you win three games (across Quick Play, Competitive, or Arcade), you’ll get the Maestro player icon. Six wins will net you the Maestro emote, an elaborate conductor animation. And racking up nine wins, as these challenges tend to go, will grant you the Legendary Maestro Sigma character skin.

There’s also a Twitch Drop component that rewards watch time with sprays. You can glance at the gallery to see those unlocks (Sigma looks like a Muppet) and consult the participating stream schedule.

His frown is too much. I can’t!