The Mercenaries Saga series is coming to Switch


More SRPGs!

Over the course of the last few years or so Circle Entertainment dropped a low key series called Mercenaries Saga over the iOS, Android, and 3DS platforms. And you know what they say — the Switch is the new 3DS — so naturally it’s coming to Switch.

The publisher just announced that the system is getting a brand new version called Mercenaries Saga Chronicles, which includes all three games for the first time in the west, and the first time the original is on a Nintendo system (it was previously just on mobile). As studios scramble to put basically everything in their library on the Switch, owners of the system only continue to benefit.

It’s strange to think that just a few months ago studios were hesitant to bring anything to Switch, much less convert Wii U Kickstarter promises to it or bring new games to it, but here we are with everyone making a mad dash into this money pit.

Circle Entertainment [Twitter]