The Min Min amiibo is out in April, Steve & Alex are delayed (Update)


April 29 for the former, ‘later in 2022’ for the latter

[Update: The Min Min amiibo is now available at the UK Nintendo store, which is as official a place as ever. It should be a harbinger for more US pre-orders. Again, I have mine secured weeks ago from Amazon Japan to avoid all this!]

Nintendo has finalized a date for the Min Min amiibo, and it’s set to arrive on April 29. Sadly, Steve & Alex (the Minecraft duo) have been delayed.

The news comes from the Nintendo of America Twitter account, which showcased the amiibo with a 360-degree micro-video.  Given that Min Min had a CPSIA certification recently, amiibo collectors surmised a date was coming soon, and they were right.

As for Steve & Alex, well they’re not faring so well. Here’s the tweet that explains the situation:

“The Steve & Alex #SmashBros #amiibo were previously announced to launch in spring 2022. However, due to a logistics and production delay, unfortunately the release timing has been delayed to later in 2022.”

I’ve had my Min Min amiibo pre-ordered from Amazon Japan for months (Steve & Alex too) to avoid all this mess. So where does that leave us? Well, we have our master list here that’s been updated for the last seven years, but I’ll spare you in case you don’t feel like clicking it.

This is what we have confirmed so far that hasn’t been released yet.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Wave 10 – Min Min amiibo (April 29, 2022):

  • Min Min

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Wave 11 (2022):

  • Steve
  • Alex

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Wave (Summer 2022):

  • Palamute (Canye Malzeno X)
  • Malzeno
  • Palico (Felyne Malzeno X)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Wave 11 (2022-2023):

  • Sephiroth
  • Pyra/Mythra
  • Kazuya
  • Sora