The Mirror's Edge Catalyst collector's edition is sharp


Like the chorus to a George Michael song

Mirror’s Edgewas known for its striking and sharp aesthetic, so it’s perfectly reasonable that the Mirror’s Edge Catalystcollector’s edition would convey those same qualities. This picture shared by EA shows that everything’s just so clean and not over-the-top.

The centerpiece of the $200 bundle is a 14-inch Faith statue which juxtaposes her as a child against her as an adult — both iterations of her deep in reflection. The rest of the collector’s edition is made up of the game (obviously), a steelbook, a lithograph, ten concept art pictures, a couple temporary tattoos, and a storage box.

The Mirror’s Edgewebsite says that this bundle is available to pre-order at GameStop now, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at the time of writing. It’s also noted that other retailers will open pre-orders in the near future.

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