The Monster Energy advertising bleeds over into PlayStation Plus' December freebies


Also, you should play Titanfall 2

The concentrated, caffeinated campaign continues. PlayStation has seen a lot of Monster Energy promotion lately, given that it’s prominently placed all over Death Stranding. Now, it’s infiltrating December’s PlayStation Plus offerings.

As a part of next month’s PlayStation Plus freebies, Sony’s giving away Monster Energy Supercross. All the information’s kind of in the title — it’s a supercross racing game that’s sponsored by Monster Energy. It’s not even the most recent game, as a sequel released earlier this year. Also, it’s not even domineering in its energy drink stranglehold; Rockstar and Red Bull both appear alongside Monster in the header screenshot.

Despite the absence of energy drinks, the other PlayStation Plus game is the one that’ll put pep in your step. Respawn’s Titanfall 2is also free in December. It’s an excellent game that was sent to die in 2016, positioned right in between the launches of Battlefield 1and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It was a cruel fate for a game that deserved better.

Both Titanfall 2and Monster Energy Supercross — The Official Videogameare free starting December 3. Oh yeah — don’t forget to download November’s games, Niohand Outlast 2before then.

December’s Free PS Plus Games: Titanfall 2 and Monster Energy Supercross — The Official Videogame [PlayStation Blog]