The Mother tribute comic Pollyanna is a trip down Onett lane


Hobonichi is making moves again

Mother and EarthBound fans are always looking for fresh ways to share their longstanding love of the series, and while there aren’t any game announcements to cover – let’s get that out of the way right now – there is a new comic to check out. It’s the first big part of the Hobonichi Mother Project.

Any excuse to hear “Pollyanna” and I’m there. The song always puts a smile on my face.

The Mother tribute comic, Pollyanna, is a collaboration with 35 artists and writers including Mother 3‘s Nobuhiro Imagawa and Undertale‘s Toby Fox. There are illustrations, essays, and even stickers with characters from all three games. It’s the kind of thing collectors tend to cherish, especially as major anniversaries come and go with less-than-ideal fanfare on Nintendo’s part. Mother fandom is lifelong.

For those of us unwilling or unable to track down a Japanese copy, we can at least enjoy the art.

Pollyanna is releasing next month in Japan – first at the Hobonichi store, on June 12, then at general bookstores, on June 25. The comic will sell for 2,640 yen (around $25), and customers who snag a copy during Hobonichi’s advance release period will also get a cute Mr. Saturn tote bag as a bonus.

The video ends with an intriguing “To Be Continued…” screen, but this isn’t our first rodeo.