The NES just got a brand new competitive shooter


Star Versus the next big NES eSport? Nah

The Nintendo Entertainment System’s last officially licensed title released in December of 1994 (name that game!), but that hasn’t stopped chiptune artist and now homebrew NES game dev Dustin Long from releasing a new title.

Star Versusis a one-on-one multiplayer-focused competitive space shooter that has players trying to destroy each other with one of four ships and various power-ups; it sounds far more impressive than it looks in action. There is also a single-player campaign of some sort, but details are scarce. If you want to get a copy of the game, it is going to cost you $40 + shipping and comes with a real functioning cartridge and a paper manual.

There has even been a competitive tournament for Star Versus, but I wouldn’t count on it being the next (first?) big eSport for the NES anytime soon. You can find more information onStar Versusand buy a copy here.

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