The new Astro Gaming A20 is one wireless headset that can work with both PS5 and Xbox Series X


Two consoles, one headset.

It was only a year ago, when I moved into my new apartment, that I realized I’d been enjoying an insufficient audio experience whenever I hopped on to play some games. There is so much technology out there creating amazing sound, and here I was settling for the cheapest Sony headphones I could find at Best Buy. When I was able to test out the A40 Astro Gaming last year, it was like I was actually hearing these games for the first time. Since then, I’ve upgraded to the wireless A50 headset, which provides equally extraordinary sound quality.

With the next generation of consoles right around the corner, there is a real possibility I’ll be getting both the PS5 and Xbox Series X. One for the exclusives, the other for GamePass. If that is the road I do indeed travel, there’s a good chance I’ll also pick up the second generation A20 headset from Astro Gaming as it will be its first wireless headset to work with both Sony and Microsoft consoles, as well as PC and Mac.

The new A20 will ship with a wireless USB transmitter for either the PS5 or Series X. The transmitters themselves will be sold individually, meaning you only have to buy one wireless headset for both consoles. To switch between consoles, all you need to do is sync up the device with the preferred transmitter. The move toward an agnostic headset is part of a new design philosophy at Astro Gaming.

While your first-generation A20 should work just fine with the upcoming consoles, if you are interested in upgrading to the newest tech, the Gen 2 A20 headset will launch next month for $119.99. The individual transmitters will run $19.99.

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