The new Elden Ring patch literally does one thing: buffs the Radahn boss


This is such a Souls-worthy patch

A new update is in town that I’m simply calling the Elden Ring Radahn patch. It does one thing: it buffs Radahn. Or rather, it re-buffs him back to a more respectable state, after he was “unintentionally reduced” in power from a prior update.

Urgent patches have seemingly slowed down a bit, as players really sink into multiple playthroughs and attempt to conquer the platinum trophy. Instead, this update is merely concerned with one thing, and given how intentionally designed boss fights are, it’s kind of an important one. Especially when you consider that Radahn is arguably one of the more unique encounters in the entire From Software stable.

Hopefully future patches will continue to add/fix content, and we’ll get a potential DLC announcement at some point.¬†You can read the full patch note(s) below (or here), which is a hell of a lengthy way to say “one boss was buffed!’ The balls on this company to patch a game just for this: I love it.

Elden Ring Update notes 1.03:

An update is out on Monday, April 4th

Notice of Update Distribution

We are distributing this new update to fix a bug in patch 1.03

Targeted Platform

PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S / Steam

The item included in the latest update

  • Fixed a bug in the balance adjustment of the boss “Starscourge Radahn” in update 1.03, in which the power of some attacks was unintentionally reduced.