The new Final Fantasy XIV patch has some job changes, and a new data center


Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.08 is out

Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.08 is out, and it brings some job changes, as well as the new Oceanic data center into the mix. It’s a big day for the game, despite it not actually being a properly “numbered” content patch. That’s still coming in roughly two months with 6.1, but for now, changes!

So the biggest thing is obviously the Oceanic data center, which is ready to go, and should alleviate a lot of the current issues (which have been improving in recent weeks following the launch of the Endwalker expansion). You can transfer over and get bonuses, including a double XP bonus through level 80 for all characters. Oh, and DualSense controller functionality works on PC now through a new setting.

Beyond that, job alterations are the main content portion of the patch, smoothing over some meta-mechanics introduced in Endwalker. Paladin has been largely buffed, mostly in the form of straight damage (potency) increases for five abilities. In raid groups Paladin has been a faithful tank, but damage has been behind in some cases, so this is a direct response to some community concerns.

Warrior also got a tomahawk buff (a ranged attack) which may help some with pull aggro. Monk got a buff to phantom rush, Dragoon got an overall buff (another class that had some damage issues in some cases), as well as Ninja, Samurai, Machinist, Dancer, Black Mage, and Summoner. All of these jobs have been talked about in various meta-circles and for the most part, were all expected to see some changes before the release of patch 6.1.