The new Mario Golf site lets you earn My Nintendo points


Grab 100 My Nintendo Platinum

Nintendo is for sure hosting an E3 stream this year, where we’ll get under an hour’s worth of info on new Switch games. But before that opening salvo, we have stuff that’s confirmed for the near future, like Mario Golf: Super Rush. This one is the sixth overall in the franchise, and is set to debut on June 25 with a host of modes. Thanks to the new landing site you can get a quick look at what that all entails; or more importantly, you can grab some free My Nintendo Platinum Points to spend on physical rewards.

So here’s the rub.

You need to head here first to kick off the Platinum Points hunt.

1 Colorful Courses

Then go to “Characters and Courses” and find the holes next to “Colorful Courses”

Wild Weather Woods course

And “Wildweather Woods.”

Then head to “How to Play.”

Battle Golf course

Find a hole below “Battle Golf.”

Get a Move On

As well as next to the “Get a Move on” heading near the end.

Finally, go to the sneaky purchase page.

And find the last hole above “only on Nintendo Switch.”

As a reminder, you can find our full Platinum Point guide here. It’s been updated with all of the newest ways to earn points.