The new Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer has a Krogan, and that's enough


‘I don’t need an army, I’ve got a Krogan’

The new cinematic trailer for Mass Effect: Andromedaputs protagonist Ryder in a precarious position. He’s an explorer, a man with few resources relative to the army that the antagonist has. It’s not really any different than Commander Shepard’s situation in the original trilogy, but it’s also not an enviable one.

Ryder doesn’t need an army, though. Because he has a Krogan.

Krogan kicking ass aside, this trailer is something of a greatest hits of the companions of other Mass Effectgames. There’s a Turian (Vetra), an Asari (Peebee), a Salarian — all races that will be back for Andromeda, likely in companion roles. There’s also a glimpse at a possible romancing of Cora, a human woman companion.

These tag-alongs better be damn good at what they do because Ryder looks like his back is against the wall. That Krogan can’t neutralize a galactic threat all by his lonesome.