The new Project Sonic 2022 logo promises big things this year


We have Sonic Frontiers, the movie sequel, and more announcements on the way

Project Sonic 2022 is underway, which is basically just a fancy marketing term for “there’s lots of Sonic stuff happening this year.”

So the official Sonic Twitter account and the Japanese Sega landing site (which has PC and mobile wallpapers available) have both announced the new initiative for the series: “Project Sonic 2022,” abbreviated as “Project Sonic ’22.” The catchphrase for 2022 is “welcome to the next level,” which is supposed to showcase how Sega is committed to the Sonic brand for decades, specifically “the next 30 years.”

The “project” concept isn’t new, but the logo and key art showcases their main focus of Sonic Frontiers, which is accompanied by their other big move in 2022: the second feature film. Sega also teases more is to come in terms of announcements this year. The company will presumably be doing this through traditional means, as well as their various Sonic streams throughout the year.

While you’re at it, bring the Sonic Boom cartoon series back!

A list of Sonic 2022 happenings we know about:

  • Sonic Frontiers
  • Sonic Origins, a compilation of four classic games
  • Sonic The Movie 2
  • More details for the Netflix series Sonic Prime
  • More IDW Publishing comics, including a prequel “pre-quill” four-issue series for the second film

今年のソニックの活動を表すキーメッセージ?「Project Sonic'22」

2022年は様々な施策をこのロゴのもと展開していきますので、どうぞご期待ください✨ソニック #PJSONIC22

— ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ【公式】 (@SonicOfficialJP) January 21, 2022