The new Switch update is all about the new Platinum Point system


You can turn on notifications now

Have you been checking out the new Switch Platinum Point system that’s linked to My Nintendo? No? Well do that and come back! Ready?

Just in case you didn’t feel like it, the gist is that recently, Nintendo added a whole bunch of digital rewards to the My Nintendo system, which can finally be redeemed on the Switch console itself. Previously the marketplace was mostly filled with rewards for old systems (amid semi-recent physical rewards), but now it’s finally moved into the current generation.

But that also means there’s room for improvement. Likely at the behest of fans, Nintendo added new functionality to the My Nintendo integration this week. It’s essentially a notification system for the whole app, where you can have your Switch bug you about unclaimed points. You can find this under system settings -> notifications.

As a reminder you can find our full Platinum Point guide here, which has been updated with details on weekly missions: bookmark it for when you need quick points for a reward. A handful of points is incredibly easy to get, as that’s basically just 15 minutes with Super Mario Run, or a quick sign-on to the 3DS or Wii U 3Shop. Also remember that any shipments are bundled together, so you can pay a flat rate for multiple items instead of paying it each time. Just know that items go out of stock on My Nintendo frequently, and some are never restocked.

Switch Platinum Point system Update – Ver. 14.1.0 (Released April 4, 2022)

“Platinum Point Notification Settings” has been added under Notifications in System Settings.

  • Unclaimed Platinum Points earned from completing Nintendo Switch Online missions on your Nintendo Switch system will generate notifications.
    • Nintendo Switch Online missions and rewards are not available in some countries and regions. For more information, see How to Complete a My Nintendo Mission.
  • Setting these notifications to OFF will hide the notification sent when there are unclaimed Platinum Points.