The newest Splatfest wants to know how you like to party


Team Fancy or Team Costume?

The newest Splatfest is on the way, and for the first time ever it will be running in all regions simultaneously.

Teaming up with Nintendo’s mobile app Miitomo, Splatoon’s latest event is trying to decide which is better between fancy parties and costume parties. A bit of an awkward way to describe it, seeing as costume parties can also be called “fancy dress” parties, but whatever. Just roll with it.

Running from May 13/14 to May 15/16 (depending on region due to time-zones), this Splatfest will be the first one to run in every region at the same time. Normally different regions have entirely different categories, so let’s hope they keep this going forward. Keeping track of what splatfest is happening where can be a right pain in the arse.

So, which team are you on?