The newest Switch defect scare? Warped tablets


Doesn’t seem to be widespread

In addition to some of the issues plaguing the launch of the Switch (none of which, thankfully, I’ve had an issue with yet), another one has popped up for several people based on this Reddit thread — warped systems. Users are alleging that potentially due to the heat that the Switch dock gives off, their systems have become warped.

This seems like a tougher issue to address, as a firmware update can technically control some aspects of this (just like software can control PC heating/sync/fans), but it isn’t widespread enough just yet for Nintendo to freak out. That, and said users are going to need to provide a little more proof.

I said in my review that the Switch was a fantastic piece of hardware, but in several ways felt cheap. It makes sense that a collective of owners would be having scattered issues, I just hope Nintendo is able to address them all (so far I haven’t seen any complaints about sending systems back or getting them back in return on time).

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