The next E3 will take place June 15-17, 2021


ESA sets date for trade show return

We may not be getting an E3 this year, but that hasn’t stopped The Entertainment Software Association from making plans for the annual trade shows big return in 2021. The ESA has already set the date for E3 2021, which will take place between June 15 and June 17 next year.

It’s no secret that The ESA had big plans for E3 this year, shifting the event’s focus to a more “celebrity”, influencer-driven “festival” atmosphere. However, as the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic continues to impact businesses, people, and events worldwide, the decision was eventually made to cancel E3 2020.

The ESA did originally make mention of the possibility of an online or digital showcase to feature in its stead, but to date no further news has come of such an event. E3 2021 is expected to be a “Reimagined” event, which probably reflects the new direction The ESA had planned for this year.

E3 2021 will take place between June 15-17, 2021.

The ESA sets dates for E3 2021 []