The next Fallout 76 update is spending a little more time in testing


You can also get a bonus for participating

The next Fallout 76 update is still in the works, as Bethesda has announced that the PTS period will be ongoing amid some fixes that have already been implemented thanks to user feedback.

While Bethesda typically provides a heads-up when an update will actually arrive, the latest bit of news involves an extended PTS session. It started last week, and involved the upcoming “Invaders from Beyond” patch, which adds in a new seasonal event (just like Mothman). But the team is also adding more as we speak, and will have updates for Fallout Worlds, as well as the “Test Your Metal” public event, which includes more Brotherhood action. “More high-tech rewards” are also teased. The team explains that they’ve gotten a lot of feedback and bug reports, and are making good progress for Invaders from Beyond.

I’ve said this a decent amount, especially in the last six months when a lot of long-anticipated fixes came together, but it’s amazing how the team has turned this game around. Again, we shouldn’t forget the launch, and the muddled “cosmetic” microtransaction messaging. But at this point it feels like the game has been completely transformed by the development team, devoid of executive meddling or influence, into a legitimate¬†Fallout game. It’s easily worth a sale punt, especially if you have a friend to play it with.

Oh, and here’s the pennant you get if you participate in this latest PTS round for the next Fallout 76 update:

next Fallout 76 update