The next Pokemon Sword and Shield competition is giving out a free reward featuring our 'good friend,' Ball Guy


You’ll get a t-shirt for doing just one battle

Game Freak has been running all sorts of monthly events forPokemon Sword and Shield, but they also keep the competitive train running from Sunand Moon, which has its own set of rewards.

This month The Pokemon Company is hosting another International Challenge event in-game, which helps players earn Championship Points on the road to the 2020 Pokemon World Championships. If giant eSports scenes aren’t your thing, you can also just dive in and try your luck for a simple reward.

Just for participating and completing one battle, you’ll unlock a “fashionable t-shirt” featuring our “good friend” (their words) Ball Guy: the new mascot of freebies in the Pokemonworld. You have from today until February 27 at 3:59PM PT to register, so make sure and do that if you’re a completionist.

The Pokemon Company also reminds everyone to link your Trainer Club registration with your Nintendo Account, or you won’t be eligible for anything. Maybe do that now just in case! Oh, and now that Pokemon Home is in the mix, you can only use Galar region Pokemon to compete.

Enter the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield International Challenge February Online Competition [Pokemon]