The next Sims 4 DLC is the water-centric 'Island Living,' Realm of Magic arrives in the fall


Mermaids confirmed

Remember when the Simname was synonymous with nearly every walk of construction life and beyond? Sim Antruled: just saying. Now Sims is mostly just The Sims, specifically now,Sims 4.

We’ve had two major updates for Sims 4so far this year, but the latest one set to arrive to the base game is “Island Living.” More outfits and hairstyles are on the way, as well as open water gameplay (which got a big roar from the crowd) with various water-based activities. Dolphins are in: Chad would be proud. New traits and jobs round out this fairly massive add-on, and pride month updates are coming to Sims 4.Realm of Magicwas also announced as a major pack and is coming later this fall.

It looks like a chill as hell time and sort of sums up how relaxed this whole EA Play event has been. I’ll take it (and the “tune in to see the games you care about” schedule) over a proper bloated EA conference any day.