The next Smash Ultimate event is all about the Byleth duo and their many weapons


Featuring trainees like Pit, Villager, Corrin

It’s time for the weekly weekend Smash Ultimateevent, and this one is all about Byleth’s teaching abilities from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Wait, don’t go!

According to the official Smash UltimateTwitter account it’ll be a tournament event that involves bow, spear and axe users: the three “students” for each weapon respectively are Pit, Corrin and Villager. It’s a lovely little way to market Byleth’s multi-weapon gimmick and give some love to other cast members.

As is customary, it’ll begin on Friday and run through the weekend. The events have been getting a little bolder in 2020, including a recent celebration that added River City/Kunio-kunspirits into the game. As a reminder, you can pick up free Smash Ultimatecurrency if you’re a Switch Online subscriber now.

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