The Ninja Warriors: Once Again launches worldwide July 25


New name, same shurikens

Taito has announced that their retro remake The Ninja Warriors: Once Again will be kicking ass worldwide on July 25, when the arcade reboot comes to PS4 and Nintendo Switch digitally as the pointlessly retitled The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors.

Once Again/Return of the Warriors is the second remake of 1987 arcade game The Ninja Warriors (the first remake having being 1994 SNES release The Ninja Warriors Again). Return of the Warriors keeps the visual aesthetic of the 16-bit title, but has been rebuilt on an entirely new engine for slicker gameplay and a greater challenge. Also included are two all-new characters, two player co-op and some extra modes, such as a speedrun teasing Time Attack.

The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors launches digitally on PS4 and Nintendo Switch July 25. A physical release will follow at a later date, courtesy of publisher ININ and Strictly Limited Games.The Ninja Warriors: Once Again coming west [Gematsu]