The Nintendo Switch eShop has a discount for Thumper


Start the rhythm-violence all over again

Nintendo, unlike it’s contemporary competitors, isn’t too keen on offering sales. This statement applies doubly to the eShop, which tends to overcharge customers as is, and only offer decent sales on Capcom titles most of the time. Thankfully, there’s a decent sale on through next week for everyone’s favorite ‘rhythm violence’ video game and/or nightmare simulator,Thumper.

Thumper normally runs for $20, but with the 25% eShop discount, you can snag this title for just $15. This deal will only last until the end of the week, so it’s better to take this into consideration now. Do you want to lose your mind in a rhythmic ride to hell? If so, this might be your new fix.

Thumper was well received by both fans and critics. I liked it. Jordan seemed to like it too. If you’re even remotely interested, I’d recommend giving this one a test drive.

Thumper gets a 25% Discount on the Switch eShop [Nintendo Life]