The Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack trailer should probably turn off the dislike button


57K dislikes and counting

So last week when I said I was worried that Nintendo was still going to go through with the original expansion pack plan and charge more for Switch Online premium? Well, it was pretty prescient! Nintendo did just that several hours later. But based on the reception to the expansion pack trailer, people aren’t happy about it.

At the moment, the video has 57K dislikes at the time of writing, juxtaposed to 15K likes and nearly a million views. The people have clearly spoken when it comes to the expansion pack trailer. As I’ve said in the past “we want to pay less money” is always going to be a popular look in just about any conversation, but as we talked about in the above worried missive, Nintendo arguably did not add enough value to the subscription in the first place.

As with most things Nintendo there are a lot of different takes buried within the comments section of the YouTube video, which contains a hefty 22,000 comments: 8,000 more than the much more popular three-million-views strong Animal Crossing Direct. Again, people are clearly riled up about it.

At this point, Nintendo going back on a fully announced rollout with data would be a rare sight, and I don’t expect it to happen. The new plan will roll out on October 25, and despite the hit to brand loyalty it might get, people could bite for nostalgia’s sake and make the expansion pack initiative a success. And within a week, or perhaps a week of the expansion pack actually coming out, a lot of people will forget about it and move on.

The real barometer will be cold hard cash. I’m not only anxious to see how this short-term initiative pans out, but what Switch Online (or whatever the next “Switch” Online) looks like in five, or 10 years.