The Nintendo Switch will support external storage for up to 2TB, when the pricey cards actually exist



Speaking to Game Informer, Nintendo finally let people know what the maximum amount of storage will be for the Nintendo Switch, which ships with 32GB — and…drum roll…it’s 2TB! That’s quite a bit of space for non-proprietary micro SDXC cards, which you can pick up at your local big box store.

Well, you would be able to pick them up if they existed as Nintendo muses that 2TB models are not actually being sold — but when they are, they’ll support them.For reference, average micro SDXC cards are only at around 256GB at the moment (512GB solutions exist but 1TB models do not, just a month and a half before the system launches), and can wildly vary on price depending on the brand. In other words, you might actually end up spending more than you did on the Vita’s cards comparatively, since Switch games are much bigger than the average Vita game, storage-wise. This will most likely only be a problem at launch though, as card prices and industry standards will smooth out over time whereas Sony’s cards rarely, if ever, dropped in price.

Still, it’syet another added cost to tack onto the Switch if you’re going digital, since the included 32GB is woefully small (Zeldatakes up roughly half of the internal storage day one). I wish their presentation wasn’t devoid of information like this — we still don’t even know how much the online fee will cost. According to Nintendo external USB drives will be supported, but not at launch. Time will solve a lot of these problems, but as always, early adopters beware.

Nintendo Switch Supports Micro SDXC Memory Cards Up To 2TB [Game Informer]