The Nintendo Switch won't be region locked


Hell yes!

Back in October, when Nintendo first announced its upcoming Switch console, I couldn’t help but feel a bit concerned about the prospect of the hardware manufacturer implementing a form of region-restrictions that may impede on a user’s ability to utilise the hardware in a way that best suits them.

In fact, I even went so far as to write an opinion piece about why I felt that Nintendo potentially implementing such a feature on the Switch would be a terrible idea.

Well, it turns out that Nintendo has listened to much of the feedback and criticisms that it has received relating to its use of region restrictions on its past consoles. Yep, that’s right. The Nintendo Switch will launch completely devoid of region restrictions. This means that it’ll be possible for a console acquired in any region to play any game on the platform, regardless of the hardware or software’s point of origin.

If I may editorialise for a moment; Hell. Yes. This is precisely the news I wanted to hear.