The Oculus Quest heats up as the Superhot team calls their Quest debut their 'most successful VR launch to date'


Superhot VR saw ‘300% higher sales than the launch on Oculus Rift’

So far, the standalone headset Oculus Quest has been getting rave reviews both from critics and anecdotally, everyone I know that owns one. The tetherless concept combined with the fantastic Oculus Touch remotes is a win in and of itself, but a number of developers have flocked to the storefront to deliver a handful of “must haves” since its May 21 launch.

One of those studios was the Superhot Team, which are now reporting record sales for the Quest edition of Superhot VR. According to the publisher, the Quest version is their “most successful VR launch to date, earning the highest first day sales so far.” It also outperformed the Oculus Rift launch by 300%. For reference, the other VR launches to date included Oculus Rift, SteamVR, and PSVR.Tom Kaczmarczyk, Cofounder & Director of the company, says that it’s a “watershed moment” for the industry. To celebrate they’ve released a new live action trailer for the game,which, while over-the-top, shows how ridiculous you look playing Superhot VR.

Superhotwas originally released back in February 2016 in non-VR form, and while it was fantastic, the VR edition (introduced 10 months later), especially when coupled with hand-simulating remotes, completely changed the way people looked at VR.