The original Spyro in Unreal Engine 4 is making me nostalgic


What’s next?! Unreal Tournament?!

Have you seen [x] game in Unreal Engine 4? Crazy!

But for real, someone is recreating the original Spyrogame in Unreal, and it really makes me pine for the original again. There’s probably a fat chance we’ll actually see a true return anytime soon, with Spyro’s Skylandersfranchise (which he was ousted from by the way after the first title) still doing very well.

I think I’m going to bust out my original PlayStation this time in fact, as that era of mascot platformers is pretty damn fantastic. Yes, I’m includingCroc: Legend of the Gobbos and Jersey Devil in that equation — come at me.

IamMurloc [imgur]