The original Star Wars Battlefront is now available on Steam and GOG


The classics never die

Once upon a time, there were versions of Star Wars Battlefront that didn’t make you want to weep into your pillow. While Pandemic’s 2005 classic Battlefront II has been available via digital distribution for quite a while now, the OG 2004 version has been conspicuously absent from digital storefronts. That changes today. For one reason or another, Star Wars Battlefront is now available on both Steam and GOG for a ridiculously low price.

Currently on sale for $8.49, the game includes everything from the original release save for multiplayer servers. Multiplayer LAN functionality hasn’t been stripped, though, so you could use a VPN solution to play it online. As a matter of fact, a guide exists on the Steam community forums for how to play online in 2019. The ingenuity of PC gamers never ceases to amaze me.

You can find the Steam version here and the GOG version here. There’s no significant difference between the two other than GOG’s version being DRM free.

Classic Star Wars Battlefront now on Steam and GOG, with some multiplayersupport [Eurogamer]