The original Super Smash Bros. is now 22 years old


No Final Destination yet though!

Super Smash Bros. came out on January 21, 1999 in Japan. That’s roughly three months before the US debut in April, and a while 10 months before the European launch. Imagine that wait!

Having been there, I can attest to the explosive nature of the Nintendo 64 original. The N64 had been a staple in multiple households at my school at the time, but the promise of allowing all of your fictional childhood friends to battle each other was too much to handle. People started recruiting brand new fighting game players into their ranks, and the rest was history.

Smashjust completely changed the entire landscape of fighting games. While Street Fighterand its various Versusiterations were in their arguable heydays, and Arc System Works was gaining traction with Guilty Gearjust a year earlier, Nintendo made an undeniable grab for the genre and it paid off big time. As of this past week, the Smashseries as a whole is 22 years old and still going strong.

Smash Ultimatemight have all of the content from the original available, but it doesn’t have the same fighting system. I have to say,Smash 64also still holds up! The sound design is incredibly concise and satisfying (I can’t get those “bonks” out of my head), and the roster is very diverse in terms of offering up multiple playstyles.

Happy birthday to a timeless classic. HAL Laboratory and a young, ageless Masahiro Sakurai: you did well.