The Outer Worlds has a big day-one update


Physical has it worse than digital

Console players might be left waiting a little longer before they’re unleashed to start colony-saving and galaxy-exploring. Obsidian Entertainment informs us that The Outer Worldshas a pretty hefty day-one patch.

Those who buy physical editions are certainly affected. The launch update, which is said to “include tweaks and optimization fixes,” weighs in at 38GB on Xbox and 18GB on PS4. Anyone who pops a disc into their console will be met with a prompt to initiate a decent-sized update.

Digital editions are handled in a less intrusive way. The day-one patch is rolled into the pre-load, meaning that players download it in conjunction with the full game. The file size will seemingly be bigger, but at least everything can be downloaded prior to October 25 when The Outer Worldsunlocks. Obsidian didn’t mention anything regarding an update on PC.

New details about The Outer Worldskeep trickling out now that we’re little more than a week away from launch. Today, we learned that Obsidian implemented enhancements for the Xbox One X and also the PS4 Pro. Yesterday, we got our first glimpse at the character creation tool. We’ll be there before we know it. Nine more sleeps and one big update — then we’ll have our hands on The Outer Worlds.

When can you play The Outer Worlds? [Obsidian]